Film in 3D all'interno di una catena in 2D

Cory Doctorow, inesorabile come al solito, scrive sul Guardian a proposito delle possibilità del 3D stereoscopico oggi e nei prossimi anni. Cioè almeno finchè tutto il resto della filiera (Home video, televisione, satellite) rimane in 2D.
Movies, after all, rely on the aftermarket of satellite, broadcast and cable licenses, of home DVD releases and releases to airline entertainment systems and hotel room video-on-demand services – none of which are in 3D. If the movie couldn't be properly enjoyed in boring old 2D, the economics of filmmaking would collapse. So no filmmaker can afford to make a big-budget movie that is intended as a 3D-only experience, except as a vanity project.
I have no doubt that there are brilliant 3D movies lurking in potentia out there in the breasts of filmmakers, yearning to burst free. But I strongly doubt that any of them will burst free. The economics just don't support it: a truly 3D movie would be one where the 3D was so integral to the storytelling and the visuals and the experience that seeing it in 2D would be like seeing a giant-robots-throwing-buildings-at-each-other blockbuster as a flipbook while a hyperactive eight-year-old supplied the sound effects by shouting "BANG!" and "CRASH!" in your ear.

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frankie666 ha detto...

Ho letto un libro di Cory Doctorow... Una cosa di un buonismo incredibile...

gparker ha detto...

qual era?

frankie666 ha detto...

un romanzo Little Brother.

Christian ha detto...

Non ha tutti i torti...

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