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Jamin e Kiowa Winans hanno realizzato Ink, film indipendente dalla modesta distribuzione che ad un certo punto, come capita a molti, è stato piratato e finito online. I due, visto che non avevano molto da perdere, hanno cavalcato l'accaduto, il film in più è piaciuto e molto. Risultato 400.000 download (cosa assolutamente fuori da ogni media per un film simile) e un'impennata verticale delle vendite di DVD e Blu-Ray, più un gran numero di persone che li cerca professionalmente.
Storie positive di pirateria virtuosa, o meglio del sistema piratesco che funziona ad un diverso livello rispetto al circuito tradizionale, ma anche ennesima che spiega come non tutti i film funzionino bene al cinema e non tanto per le caratteristiche della proiezione in sala, quanto per il tipo di pubblico coinvolto e per il tipo di coinvolgimento.
Qui alcune considerazioni di Kiowa Winans
I think to say victim is to characterize piracy as an all-together awful thing. The piracy of Ink is unquestionably responsible for its popularity around the world. Sure our trailers have been out for over a year and have had plenty of views outside the US, but we think that 70% of the illegal downloads are coming from outside of the US and we do get a good number of international buyers at our online store every day
We put a donation link up at the urging of some of the downloaders with the message ‘if you have watched Ink online for free and would like to contribute what you can, click here’. Guess what country has been the most generous? Germany! Germans have been twice as generous as Americans so… thank you Germany. We have also shipped a lot of Deluxe Bundle fan packs to Germany so Ink seems to be a big hit there
That said, I’m not sure what the revenue model will be for films
I think a reasonably-priced instant download the moment the movie becomes available would largely cure the piracy issue so we will see how it all shakes out over the next several years
Until the equivalent of the iPod is invented for film or long-format video files I think that piracy is going to be a huge battle ground, one in which I doubt Hollywood will win. There is always a smarter programmer out there that can move faster than bureaucracy. The film industry really needs to set its sights on overhauling its distribution system. Right now there are horrible things like region-coded DVDs that tie up a film’s rights in various countries and this is what has made the film business plenty of money over the years
We are going to keep all the rights to Ink and not give them away country-by-country so that when that iPod-for-movies emerges Ink can be the first film that debuts to the whole world.
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