Uno dei pareri pù interessanti su Avatar

Se il cinema continua a giocare sul terreno dei videogiochi non può vincere.
In spite of gloomy prognostications, the end product looks staggering. Nonetheless, Avatar fails in one rather important respect. By common consent, its story's rubbish.
Even more tedious than the film's plot is the ideology enshrining it. In punctilious compliance with liberal pieties, an exploitative corporation unleashes brutish militarism on soulful indigenes, but a romance enables justice to prevail over apparently superior firepower. This threadbare fable makes you long to see a heroic merchant banker socking it to a tribe of tree-hugging but child-abusing primitives who're daring to challenge the rightful hegemony of capitalism.
So tired is Avatar's tale that you hardly notice it. The film is mere spectacle, about as emotionally engaging as the associated videogame.
In 2009, films such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Terminator Salvation and Fast & Furious have all seemed to reflect the assumption that emotional interaction is dispensable. Of course, movies like these do well at the box office, and so will Avatar. End of story? Not necessarily.
Whether cinema can live indefinitely by spectacle alone must be open to doubt. Dependence on shock and awe means that this year's sensation must be surpassed next year by something even more dumbfounding. Avatar demonstrates that this is still possible, yet it's not clear that it will always be. Before too long, a plateau may be reached. If that happens, those videogames may steal the crown of the movies that ape them. Once the thrill of novelty's faded, why just watch an avatar on the big screen when you can control one of your own?
Cinema will stand a better chance of holding on to an audience if it can persuade its young patrons to look beyond sensory stimulation.
This clearly isn't impossible. Earlier this year, District 9 floated a scenario spookily similar to Avatar's.
As Avatar's avatar, Sam Worthington is a colourless dullard. Sharlto Copley's unreflective middle-manager, on the other hand, was a weirdly unforgettable human being. District 9's aliens weren't saintly innocents, but complicated and irritable, yet somehow endearing, full-blown characters. The film's plot was surprising, the dialogue witty and the moral instructive.

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