"We were professionally silly"

Joss Whedon chiarisce in una lunga intervista i termini del successo monetario di Dr. Horrible Sing-along Blog, quanto ci sia di vero su quello che si scrive e quanto la sua serie per la rete possa essere davvero un modello per tutti quanti i quali cercano di monetizzare tali contenuti e quanto invece sia un caso a sè.
Di seguito gli highlights che più mi hanno colpito.
iTunes has been a great boon for us. And the DVD has done quite well -- although I'd love to bump that up more. Streamed [online video] with advertising is probably the smallest revenue. Whether that's a viable monetization scheme ... is the question. In some ways it acts as an advertisement and in some ways it might be pulling people away from bothering to download it or to buy the DVD.
In the case of the DVD, we went so ballistic with extra content that it took twice as long to make as the movie [laughs]. It wasn't just a question of: Here's another potential revenue stream. It was a question of: Here's something new, so that you don't feel like this is something you already have. We were trying to protect the monetization stream there and give people a new experience.
ultimately, we were striving to make a commentary musical, not just to pile on content for the sake of clocking more hours on the extras DVD. We wanted to use the idea of a commentary musical to at least have fun with the concept. Even if we didn't really break huge ground there, we were professionally silly.
If you look at "Dr. Horrible," it's a very old-fashioned story. And it's a very old-fashioned presentation. What I was going for was, basically, a television event. It's going to be on at this time, and this is going to be your opportunity to see it, because it's not going to be on after that. Tune in this night, this night and this night when it premieres.
Obviously, it was slightly different than that. But that's the ethos I was going for. I'm a very old-fashioned story teller. I am not, in any way, a visionary. I just try and make whatever I do good enough that people let me do it again. That's pretty much my scheme.
The challenge for me now is to create some kind of formula for creation and monetization on a medium that may be completely different.
Right now, DVD is a great revenue source for an Internet-based venture. Most people are saying that in five years, DVD will be over. Sales are already way, way down from what they used to be. I don't understand how I'm going to ride that change. I'm just trying to make as much fun stuff as I can and stay, if not one step ahead of it, then not caught under the swell.
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